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On Monday 19th March I’ll be speaking at PHP Leeds. The topic is all things git and github; as an open source project lead I see lots of very capable programmers taking their first steps with github. In this session we’ll talk about how you can use these tools to contribute to open source (or your own projects, of course), covering both “what to click in the web interface” and “what to type at the command line” for git and github respectively. Come along if you want to know more about git, open source, or github!

5 thoughts on “Speaking at Leeds PHP

    • Not particularly, no. The aim is to get people involved, and/or fill in a few theory gaps for those using it but not quite knowing how the pieces go together.

  1. Will there be streaming on this? I’m in the US but would love to catch it if at all possible as I’m taking my first baby steps into git and github.

    • There will not be streaming but I’m submitting the talk to other conferences, and the slides will be available afterwards. I also have an article covering this stuff going into the PHP Architect magazine – it’ll be linked from my resources page once it is published.

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