DC4D 6: Not-Programming for Programmers

In case you haven’t seen the news, the next episode of Day Camp 4 Developers is coming up on Friday 26th July. This edition is about getting beyond being awesome at the code, which we know that you are, and picking up some other skills to complete you as a profesional. Whether you work in a large international corporation, a smaller company, or alone, we’ve got content that will make a difference.

Day Camp 4 Developers is a virtual conference, and it’s $40 (about 25 quid for UK people). If you can’t make it on the day, just get the video ticket and download the recorded sessions later. What I’m trying to say in this paragraph is that there are quite literally no excuses for missing out on this :)

The sessions are on really important topics: Estimation (this is mine, more in a moment), Documentation (tedious, but absolutely life-changing for the entire team when done well), Source Control Strategies (an allied tool that we quite literally can’t work without), and “How to Speak Business” (this is the skill that nobody tells you that you need, the secret sauce of being good at your job).

When Cal asked me to give a session on Estimation, I jumped at the chance. Developers can be great estimators if only given some techniques for doing so. No matter what size your business is, accurate estimates make life easier for everyone. Quotes and schedules turn out to be accurate, work gets delivered on time, and nobody has to work the weekend. If you work for yourself, the ability to estimate correctly is perhaps even more important! I’m planning to put together the experience of a decade in the industry, and the many mistakes along the way, to give some practical advice and tactics that you can use in your everyday business. If you’ve worked with me, you will know that things happen when I say they will – come find out how I do that :)

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