Random Colours with the Blink(1)

Recently, there was a great project on kickstarter to make a USB RGB LED. I missed it completely but thankfully my husband didn’t, and recently a small package arrived containing _two_ of these lovely little blink(1) devices (very smart man, as clearly this was something I couldn’t live without as soon as I saw it!).

DSCF7653 blink(1) blink(1)

I have used the blink(1) in a couple of toy projects (one using the datapoint API that I keep writing about but they don’t show off its true prettiness, so I thought I’d share the command I use when I want pretty. The code is on GitHub and compiled on my linux system with no fuss.

sudo commandline/blink1-tool -t 3000 --random 2000

This produces something like:

It’s hardly hardware hacking but it’s certainly brightening up my office! Have you got a blink(1)? What will you do with yours?

2 thoughts on “Random Colours with the Blink(1)

  1. I’ve got one waiting at the sorting office for me to go and pay the import duty – it’s not even for me as i bought it as a present for my brother (who hopefully isn’t reading this as he doesn’t know what I got him for Christmas yet!)

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