Proxy Curl Through Charles Proxy

I’m working on a project at the moment with an API, so I usually talk to it with curl. I also love Charles Proxy, a very handy tool that I use to inspect, repeat and edit requests. Today I used them together!

Curl via Charles

There might be a better way to do this as it does seem rather hacky, but here’s my approach:

  1. Make your web request to http://localhost:8888 with whatever path/query string/verb/post data/whatever that you would normally include
  2. Add a Host: header

Were you expecting more to it? Sorry :)

So to make a curl request to via Charles, I do this:

curl -H "Host:" http://localhost:8888/v2.1/events

You’ll see in the overview that Charles then sends the request over to the expected URL. Useful? Hacky? Comments box is below ….

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