Git Fundamentals Screencast

git-fundamentals-screencastThis screencast series was a fun collaboration with O’Reilly. Because it’s aimed specifically at web developers, I felt I had the freedom to include code samples (I usually don’t when teaching git) and you’ll find some Python and NodeJS in this as well as the PHP you’d expect to see around here! Each chapter is pretty short, less than 10 minutes, and is self-contained, so if you’re studying on your commute, in your lunch break, or between other activities, hopefully you can find the chapter you need and still have time for a sandwich!

This course covers everything from the basics (not total beginner, you should read a tutorial first!) through configuring your machine, day-to-day taking care of your own work … right through to managing team workflows and integrating with other tools in the development process. The tools in this area have improved significantly in recent years and I enjoyed this opportunity to share them.