Git WorkBook

title_pageThis book is your opportunity to sit down with git, and study the topic in useful units of skill, with practical exercises for each skill. I teach a lot of git, in formal classroom settings as well as rescuing people via IRC, and this book brings together everything I know about getting people up to speed with git. Each chapter teaches something new and ends with an affirmative statement for you to tick off to say what you learned!

With hands-on examples of how to solve real-world problems, and topics running the whole spectrum from installing git through to skills such as rebasing, using submodules and finding faults in a large repository, this text is your “level up” for all your git skills. The chapters are mostly pretty short, so you can just work through at your own pace on whatever time you can find, and the hands-on elements mean that you’re sure to remember and understand the skills you’re learning.