Intermediate PHP Video

Intermediate PHPCalling PHP developers everywhere, this course covers the things people most ask me, under a rather unremarkable title :) The full outline is on the site, but I’ve tried to bring in here some elements of new content, some under-used but excellent features of PHP – and all the supporting material you need to be able to pick up and use all of those features yourself. There are the best new features from PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 here – plus a primer in OOP in case this isn’t something you’ve had a chance to study from first principles before. Having a good OOP grounding helps so much with all the new developments in PHP that it was really important to me to include it.

I’ve also picked the best of things that make developers go “wait. Do that again?” and shared it here. There’s commandline PHP, for scripts, the built-in webserver, and also for writing workers that can integrate with queues. For the neglected area of security, there are some really easy ways to make sure you’re “doing it right” in your application, so both the new password functionality and the filter extension are here. And I’ve also included a section on using PDO for accessing databases – this is used internally in most frameworks now, but there are any number of reasons why you might like to write your code yourself (performance, for one) so understanding PDO can help a lot for database-driven applications.

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