PHP Web Services: Video

PHP Web ServicesIf you’re more of a visual learner than a wordy one, then the video course might be a more useful way to view some of this content. I think the videos give me a chance to walk through the code examples in a more tangible way, and hopefully you think so too!

The course covers the tools we use to work with APIs: curl, streams and Guzzle (version 4) are my top recommendations for PHP and they’re all shown, both in their own right and also for the later examples of other things. There is REST as well as the more traditional SOAP and RPC services, and both XML and JSON are covered. There’s also some less-PHP content, covering how to debug APIs, using testing endpoints and tools such as commandline curl, Wireshark and Charles Proxy, and also a chapter on good API design, with recommendations of what works to make a kick-ass API.

You can buy the video directly from O’Reilly’s site