Replacement Love-Knot Wrap

A few years ago, when my little sister turned 21, I made her a crochet love-knot wrap. She’s used it (as a warm scarf) since then but recently lost it moving between multiple different places in the French Alps while working as a nanny for a hotel chain. So I made her a new one:
Caitlin Modelling her Scarf
Its the same design as before, using a “love knot” or “Solomon’s knot” stitch to create an airy web of a wrap that can be worn either over the shoulders or bundled into a scarf as shown. I used a cotton tape yarn since she’s just about to leave again to go and work in Portugal so woolly wouldn’t be a good choice, this yarn used to be a cardigan I bought but it had daft sleeves so I unravelled them but never did anything better.

The scarf laid out and a closeup of the beads:
Scarf Scarf Closeup
Here’s hoping she hangs onto this one at least as long as she managed for the last – safe travels, little one!

My Sister’s Graduation

Yesterday I attended my little sister’s graduation ceremony – she has a BA in Early Childhood Studies from University College Birmingham and I am so proud of her I can’t actually express it! She’s worked hard to get to here and the path was not always smooth. I uploaded a selection of pictures from yesterday to remember the day by.

I’m also very pleased to have been able to be here to cheer her on and also very pleased that we now have the sequel to a photograph taken at my own graduation day 5 years ago.

One in the gown, one in the hat One in the hat, one in the gown

Well done, little one!!