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Switching To Reveal.js for Presentations

I give a lot of conference talks, and my new job as a Developer Advocate means that isn't going to change any time soon! Some of my colleagues have been using reveal.js so I thought I'd give it a try. Well, there were quite a few things that I had to research to get a slide deck that I was happy with, so I am capturing them all here so I can look them up later and in case anyone else needs them. Continue reading

Vagrant and Ansible for Dev Machines

With my new job came, of course, lots of new projects. They cover quite a wide range of system requirements and so I've been creating ansible-provisioned vagrant machines for each one to make it easy to set up on other platforms. I thought I'd share some examples of my setup, in case anyone is interested, but more importantly so I can swiftly look this up when I start the next new project! Continue reading

Use Ngrok Dashboard from VM

I'm a huge fan of ngrok, a tool that allows you to open a secure tunnel from your machine to the outside world to enable testing APIs and things. Mostly I use virtual machines for development, but by default the ngrok dashboard is only available when requested from the machine that ngrok is running on ... and I want to be able to see the web interface from my host machine.

This is a config setting but it can't be supplied on the command line, instead create a file called ~/.ngrok2/ngrok.yml and add the following line:


This will enable you to then reach the web interface at [VM IP or hostname]:4040.

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