API Management Trend Report

DZone, August 2019
I collaborated with DZone on this excellent API trend report. I'm proud of my contribution but found the rest of the report really informative reading too!

Handling Webhooks with Laravel

Laravel Live, June 2019
How lovely to be able to meet up with the Laravel community again - and in London, which is easy travelling. They were a great audience for this webhooks talk and asked great questions too, what a win!


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Design-First is better than API-First

PHP[TEK], May 2019
My ideas around API design are always growing and changing, but I've definitely gone from API-first, to Docs-first, to now Spec-first when I work with APIs. I took the opportunity to cover some of the design choices for starting a new API project from scratch, and some of my favourite approaches to common problems.

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