Crochet Love-Knot Wrap

You might think that I’ve been a bit quiet on the crochet front recently … and you’d be right. What’s actually happening is that I have been working on a surprise project for my sister’s birthday and didn’t want to post about it until I had given her the present1!

So here goes. I made for my little sister’s 21st birthday last month a wrap. Its rectangular, the dimensions of one of those pashmina scarves. The stitch is a “lover’s knot” which is much easier than it looks. I had a hard time getting started with it but once you learn the stitch its quite easy. The hard part was easily keeping all the loopy stitches the same amount of “loopiness” so the grid stayed the same size. Here’s a closeup:

The pattern was originally for a triangular shawl, it starts from a point and grows out diagonally, but it worked perfectly well to put corners in and work it that way instead. The result is much more versatile too – here it is folded in half:

For the trimmings, some basic beads with tassels. I chose irregularly shaped and non-matching beads which worked really well. The wrap itself is cotton DK plus a fluffy 4ply mohair type yarn together and the slightly mismatched beads stop it from looking too tidy:

Any questions please just add a comment and I’ll reply as best I can.

5 thoughts on “Crochet Love-Knot Wrap

  1. well i’d just like to say i love it and it was a fab pressie and it keeps me warm on the way to uni :) cheers big sis!

  2. Glad you like it (and thanks for sending the photos for this post!). I had a funny feeling it would get more wear as a woolly scarf than as a ladylike wrap :)

    • I read your posting about the love know wrap you made for your sister. Unfortunatly there was no picture.
      I am looking for a pattern for this shawl and instructions for making the love knot but have not been able to find any. Can you please help me?
      Thanks, Brenda

    • I was wondering if you had the original pattern where the shawl was started from the point and got wider as you went on. I made that so many years ago but forgot how to start the shawl from the point. I did make a few shawls starting from the wide end (pattern found on the internet). I made an adjustment to the end stitch. Instead of doubling up on the knot at the end, I completed the last part of the knot on the end stitch with a long double crochet.

  3. A few years ago, when my little sister turned 21, I made her a crochet love-knot wrap. She’s used it (as a warm scarf) since then but recently lost it moving between multiple different places in the French Alps while working as a nanny for a hotel chain.

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