New Home

We did it … we got to the end of the process and we are now Home Owners :)

Its been a rocky road right until the last minute, I hadn’t wanted to blog the completion date being today in case I jinxed the whole thing … and just as well because there was a couple of days in the middle of the week where we didn’t think it was going to happen! The vendor wasn’t able to clear the house in time (he’s only had 5 months warning after all!) and couldn’t move until next week. We had a time constraint on our mortgage so in the end we agreed to pay £2,000 for the contents of the house … with no idea what was actually there.

Suffice to say we’ve got an awful lot of rubbish for that money – some good furniture but also wardrobes still full of clothes, kitchen still equipped and more other things besides. We’ve been there most of the day, cleaning madly and filling rubbish sacks.

Its late now and tomorrow I’m off to fetch furniture from storage, but I wanted to update with my news (and not before it actually happened). Thanks to everyone for their moral support along the way – more stories and photos to follow I promise!

8 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Congratulations, knew you’d get there in the end. Now the fun really starts as you make the place your own!

  2. Thanks guys :) The stuff is in the van now and we’re heading north to unload and start nesting in the new place. We’ve got a HUGE van and the house already has furniture so I’m not absolutely sure where its all going to fit …

  3. Well, I have to admit I was still worried toward the end of this one guys. Well done, you must be feeling fantastic!

    Time to put down roots.

    Post piccies.

  4. It might not seem like a year since I announced a completed house purchase, but it is. A year and a few days in fact! Actually buying the house felt like a huge achievement, buying our first home took 9 months, cost a lot in surveyors fees and involved

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