A Recruiter Dropped Me In It

I resigned last week1, and my manager said he wasn’t surprised. A recruiter rang him a few weeks ago and announced “I have the perfect candidate for you! … oh wait, she already works for you … sorry …”

Can you spot the one word that identifies which member of the team is leaving?

SHE. The ratio of women in IT is small to vanishing so it wasn’t hard for my boss to guess which of the two (two women on a twelve person team is a very positive statistic) women in his team might be looking for another option.

So it was that when I resigned1, he wasn’t surprised and told me the recruiter story. I know I am not alone in having a recruiter story to tell – please add yours in the comments or better still blog it and drop us a link!

1 I’ve resigned! I’m moving on and start my new job on March 5th.

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