Verdict: House Not Falling Down

The survey results are in for the house (here’s the obligatory link to previous episodes of this story) and there are fewer nasty shocks than we feared. It does have damp issues, the roof is missing a few slates, the guttering needs looking at and the electrics/gas need safety checking but all in all its not too bad.

Apparently the lining paper is holiding up the ceilings in the attic and said ceilings have absolutely no insulation in them at all, but we kind of expected that. There’s something I don’t understand about the cellar and building regulations but the kitchen was in the basement when the house was built (we think, its got most of an old range in there) and they may not have had building regulations in 1900! Anyway, its going to be lots of work and money but I really wanted it not to be falling down, and it isn’t, so I wanted to share the news!

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