Peru: Tambopata

I’m currently on holiday in Peru, including ten days organised touring in different parts of the country. I got back and discovered I had almost 900 photos which will take some time to process, so I thought I’d write a series of posts, rather than one monster one. The first stop on our trip was two nights in the rainforest up the Tambopata river, staying at Explorer’s Inn.

It was an early start for our flight to Puerto Maldonado, followed by three hours trip upstream by boat. I’ve never been anywhere like this before so it was pretty impressive. We saw Capybaras from the boat, and also got quite wet when it rained (we’re British, we just put on our raincoats and weren’t bothered).


The lodge itself was basic but fine. I’m a fussy eater and still had no trouble getting enough that was edible, which was great. We went out on the river again at night, and the following morning had another early start to walk to Lake Cococha. It was a 5k walk in wellies, through bits of jungle and swamp, not too hot on the way out but we walked both ways at a very fast pace so the walk itself wasn’t much fun. The lake, however, was breathtaking. I’m not much of a traveller so this is probably the most remote place I’ll visit in my life.

View from the Hide


While at the lodge, I noticed lots of little metal bottle tops had been nailed to the floor (if you’re not laughing yet, that’s fine, skip to the next paragraph) to stop the steps getting slippery. Here are the bottle tops, followed by what a blue and yellow macaw thought of having bottle tops nailed to the floor!

Little Metal Bottle Tops Nailed To The Floor

Macaw and Bottle Tops

More photos in my Tambopata set on flickr if you’re interested

10 thoughts on “Peru: Tambopata

  1. Looks great. I’ll have a few Cusquenas on your behalf, this evening – in memory of my trip to Peru.

    Hopefully you’ve tried Pisco Sours by now?!

  2. I’m on holiday in Peru at the moment, and writing about the various places I’ve been – first stop was the rainforest and from there we went back to Puerto Maldonado and flew to Cusco. At 3300ish metres above sea level, this was my first experience of any

  3. I’ve already written about my time in Peru – in the rainforest and in and around Cusco. From Cusco we travelled to the city of Puno – by amazing train journey on the Andean Explorer. This trip is more expensive than flying I think but it was a fun exper

  4. In my blogging excitement, I somehow managed to write about the rainforest, areas around Cusco and Ollantaytambo and then go straight on to describe our train ride to Puno. In a rather major omission I seem to have missed out a post about visiting Machu

  5. Kevin: Thanks for posting the link! I cheated by taking fewer, smaller photos and taking my laptop with me to Peru so I got a headstart on the photo processing front.

  6. This is an update on part of my trip to Peru. You might also like to read about the time spent in the rainforest, in and around Cusco, at Machu Picchu and en route to Puno on the Andean Explorer. Next we spent a couple of nights in Puno, including a da

  7. Here goes the final entry about my Peruvian travels. You might also like to read about the time spent in the rainforest, in and around Cusco, at Machu Picchu , en route to Puno on the Andean Explorer and around Puno itself.

    We started and ended our tr

  8. hey all pictures look amazing :) glad you had a good time
    I love the little metal bottle tops nailed to the floor!
    lots of love

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