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A very quick entry today to mention a site that I’ve been using a LOT lately and I know I will be relying on for large quantities of travelling right through November: Accessible UK Train Timetables. It has up-to-the-minute information, including platform numbers, and you can bookmark queries for the next train between two points along with some other very cool shortcuts.

A site like this, which presents information very cleanly and I can easily use off my phone, is an excellent example of a good use of published data and I’m very grateful to them for this resource which really helps me when I’m out and about!

4 thoughts on “Accessible UK Train Times

  1. It certainly makes it a lot easier to find cheaper tickets by fiddling with urls, varying times, routes and breaking journeys. The mobile site is really good too and loads really nicely on my phone, but doesn’t quite have the full featureset.

    The one problem with the site is the lack of support for young persons railcard in finding cheap tickets. I’m not sure you can easily get the right data to fix that though.

    Another site for finding nice routes is the Association of Train Operators route guides which have been recently released in pdf format. It’s particularly useful alongside to find good places to break a journey to save money.

  2. It is always a mystery to me. How does the whole system works that those trains are always late? I write from Poland and here I have many problems with getting anywhere on time without a car.

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