Peru: Lima

Here goes the final entry about my Peruvian travels. You might also like to read about the time spent in the rainforest, in and around Cusco, at Machu Picchu , en route to Puno on the Andean Explorer and around Puno itself.

We started and ended our trip in Lima, with a few days either side. We were visiting a friend in Peru and Cally has an apartment in Miraflores – a suburb of Lima. Actually her apartment is excellent, its vast and in a cool place with a balcony and a view of the park. Having this as a base was a real treat. I didn’t take many apartment photos, but take it from me, its lovely.

Cally's Balcony

We were able to get a few days out combined with a few days lying around while we were in Lima (it was supposed to be a holiday, after all!). One of the days, we went for a walk down to the cliffs over the sea, where there was a nice path with a cool wall.

Lima Wall

We also went to the zoo one of the days, and spent another in the centre of the city itself, seeing the squares, cathedral, museums and so on.


Lima Cathedral

Lima is a desert, and as such it is very dusty and hot – almost too hot to sleep at night (it was high summer when we were there). Also throughout our trip, we were smothered in factor 50 suncream – and I still managed to miss odd bits of my neck and stuff that burned very quickly. We have absolutely no tan to show for our time there, we’d just have burned much too quickly. Beyond the little bits of sunburn, a few insect bites, and an average amount of traveller’s stomach upset, I survived this adventure (a big one for a city girl who doesn’t travel!) and it was great to catch up with someone we haven’t seen in a year. Thanks Cally :)

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