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A few weeks ago, put out an announcement about merchandise. When we first started the group (almost 3 years ago, believe it or not) we printed t-shirts and gave them out at conferences. Once the various founder members and a few benefactors had paid for a set of t-shirts each it became clear that this wasn’t a sustainable venture. So, after much happening in the background getting set up as a non-profit and getting a bank account (thanks mostly to lig!) and a bunch of time spent sorting out two spreadshirt shops (thanks Elizabeth!), it is now possible to buy merchandise online in both North America and Europe! The big problem with cafepress is the shipping costs for everyone outside of North America so spreadshirt seemed like a better option … still not ideal for our members further afield however and perhaps we can work out some better alternatives over time.

So, with great excitement I ordered my new phpwomen shirt (in girl fit!) – and here it is:

New PHPWomen Shirt

Note: This is the large size … I’m not small but I’m not really that large either so order a bigger size if you are ordering the girl fit shirts.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the announcement post and follow the links to order your shirt and support the organisation – just in time for the autumn conference season!

2 thoughts on “PHPWomen Merchandise

  1. I find the T-shirt really cool! where can you get this service, I mean you design the logo yourself and they’s in charge of everything after that. you wait only until you get such T-shirts per post or whatever. I think it would be a nice birthday present for my girl friend^_^

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