My Book is Published: PHP Master

PHP Master Cover ShotI am truly delighted to announce that “my” book is published. Technically it’s really “our” book since I had the pleasure of co-authoring with friends and PHP rockstars Davey Shafik and Matt Turland. The book is “PHP Master” and it’s a broad-ranging text covering a series of topics that we felt were relevant to PHP developers who aren’t beginners, but who are looking to fill in some gaps and get a good grounding in creating whole applications in PHP.

You can read more about the book on the page I made for it, and by reading Sitepoint’s announcement page. There are also some sample chapters to download (OOP, APIs and security) to give you a taste. The digital editions are out already and the paperback version will be available on October 31st.

On a very personal note, this is my first book, and at times it felt like a mountain to climb. I love to write and to teach so the combination has been exhilarating and exhausting in equal parts. Of course, the release of the book is actually only the beginning, and I’m excited to be able to recommend it to people when I’m asked questions which I’ve already answered there :)

11 thoughts on “My Book is Published: PHP Master

  1. Hello! There.

    This is harish from Dehradun India..
    I am a PHP and MySQL Learner. I am constantly practising with these technologies…
    I always was searching on the net for php book which can tought me the advance php skills. but i couldnt find .
    Finnaly I came to this book PHP Master .I wll be buying it very soon.
    But if you can please help me that Where to buy this book from ? and how much it would cost in India dehradun….


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