Ticket Giveaway: DC4D:2

Did you know that there’s a second edition of the DayCamp 4 Developers event coming up in March? The daycamps are a chance for developers to invest a day in their careers, wherever they are, focussing on the soft skills we need to grow beyond coding monkeys and into accomplished and upwardly-mobile professionals. It’s a virtual conference, so you can join us from anywhere in the world!

In the new edition of DC4D, I’m giving a session entitled “Could You Telecommute?”. I have worked from home for three years and if there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way, it’s that it isn’t always easy! Telecommuting doesn’t suit everyone so if you think you’d like to work this way one day, then I hope to give some pointers for how to tell if it will work out, or how to make it work for you. The event is on March 5th but there are also video-only tickets for those people who would rather watch their sessions back at their own pace.

I have a ticket to give away, so if you want to be my guest, leave me a comment and tell me why I should choose you! NB the tickets are only $35 so this isn’t quite as impressive as it might sound, sorry!

I’ll pick winners on 26th February, with a week to go to the event.

6 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: DC4D:2

  1. I’ve been working from home for over a year now. I was very fearful of it at first but am just starting to like it. I can check twitter without anyone over my shoulder :)

    I would appreciate tips on keeping the level of interaction up with co-workers and clients while you are camped out in your house, and keeping your own motivation and goals high and distractions low.

    You should pick me because Keith Casey and Cal Evans have talked you up so much I have to here you speak in “person”

  2. Hi Lorna, I’d really love a chance to attend this event. I want to see wether telecommuting is suitable for the company I work for. And how to effectively manage my time from home.

  3. Thanks to everyone who commented, this was a lot of fun to hear your stories :) The winner is Alister, congratulations!

    I do hope that at least some of the other commenters will be able to join us too! ($35, and worth every penny … if a dollar can be said to involve pennies!)

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