Introduction to OpenAPI

At GOTO Copenhagen, my crowd was full of various luminaries from all sorts of different tech communities. I really loved showing off OpenAPI, how to create your API description and what you can do with it when you have! View … Continue reading

OpenAPI Callbacks and Webhooks

A guest appearance on the APIs you won't hate blog! I've been working hard to get webhooks added to the existing callbacks support and this is now slated for OpenAPI version 3.1

API Management Trend Report

I collaborated with DZone on this excellent API trend report. I'm proud of my contribution but found the rest of the report really informative reading too!

Design-First is better than API-First

My ideas around API design are always growing and changing, but I've definitely gone from API-first, to Docs-first, to now Spec-first when I work with APIs. I took the opportunity to cover some of the design choices for starting a … Continue reading

API Tools You May Enjoy

OK so it had a more strongly-worded title but that was not my idea :) I loved having a quick run through my favourite tools for the PHP[TEK] audience! View API Tools You Should be Using on Notist.