AsyncAPI and Spectral

Erik and I took our conversation about open standards and open source tools into the open on the Make APIs Work Podcast

Intro to AsyncAPI for Apache Kafka

Fun presentation and live demo at ApacheCon about AsyncAPI and using it with Apache Kafka (there will be a video at some point too). View Introduction to AsyncAPI for Apache Kafka on Notist.

AsyncAPI for Kafka

Fun talk (with a demo that I had to re-record later!) about AsyncAPI and Kafka for the lovely people at the Stockholm meetup for Kafka. Video available here: View Introduction to AsyncAPI on Notist.

What to Expect from OpenAPI 3.1

My first time at APIDays Paris (digitally of course) and I had the keynote slot to update everyone on what's coming in the imminent OpenAPI 3.1 release! View What’s New in OpenAPI Specification 3.1 on Notist.

Create Delightful Go SDKs from OpenAPI

My first talk at the London Gophers meetup, prerecorded and then broadcast so I could hang out in the chat while it happened. Fun talk and fun crowd! View Create Delightful SDKs with OpenAPI on Notist.

Beyond the API Reference

So happy to be speaking at APItheDocs again this year, a different experience now it's a virtual event but still a great crowd! View Beyond the API Reference on Notist.

Delightful SDKs with OpenAPI

I love SDKs and APIs, so it was wonderful to spend some time with a crowd that feels the same way and geek out over my favourite API things. This talk brings together my work over the last few years … Continue reading