API Description Pipelines

Working on API tools, I get to see inside lots of different organisations’ API projects and processes. Every scenario is different, but a common theme is that many companies use a more complicated API description workflow than you see in … Continue reading

Intro to OpenAPI

There was an APIs track at FOSDEM this year, and I was delighted to open proceedings with an OpenAPI talk. The room was FULL so I hope we get to do it again some time!! View Introduction to OpenAPI on … Continue reading

Redocly and OpenAPI

First time as a guest on the APIs you won’t hate podcast, chatting with Phil Sturgeon about what’s going on at Redocly, what’s happening in OpenAPI, and what’s coming up in the next release of OpenAPI, codenamed moonwalk. Episode page:

API Linting Levels

I’ve been thinking about API linting lately, partly because I work on a tool for API linting in my day job, and partly because I get quite a lot of questions from teams wanting to improve their API quality. The … Continue reading

Repeatably Better APIs

Part of a wider Hacktoberfest video event, this session is a hands-on view of how to make your APIs better, even as they evolve.

API governance without tears

I was happy to have my talk included in the OpenAPI track at APIDays London this year! View API Governance without tears on Notist.

OpenAPI for Documentarians

Another chance to preach OpenAPI to documentarians, a repeat of the APItheDocs talk but this time for the lovely WriteTheDocs audience. There’s a video of the talk, but I was even more charmed by the sketchnote from the session: