Preparing to Telecommute

On Monday I start my new job and I’ll be mostly working from home which will be nice, but quite a change. I have a lot of online friends that I have yet to meet in real life but to have a whole set of colleagues, some of them in another country (IBuildings is a Dutch company) is all new to me. It’ll be nice to avoid the annoyances of sharing an office, with other people’s music and cleaning up after others too. I know I am organised and self-motivated enough to manage the working patterns as well, which is one less thing to worry about. If I had needed to be in the office every day, I simply couldn’t have managed it as they are based in London. In preparation for next week, I thought I’d share some photos of my home office. To the left are my flower pictures that I found in a box when we moved, they came from another house we previously rented.

I also have some essential accessories for any office: A map of the world and a nabaztag. This one is called Tag and is our second one of these rabbits.

Finally, check out my lovely big office chair, modelled here by my Christmas bear, now named Busibear as he lives in the office and oversees business. The chair was a birthday present from my parents, thanks mum and dad :)

I have a nice new notebook and a futon for any visitors that pop in, I think I’m all set…

5 thoughts on “Preparing to Telecommute

  1. I’ve already posted a congratulations message on my blog this evening, but congrats again and good luck with it.

    Those flowers pictures look pretty cool too. I wish I had a comfy chair like that at home, I so need a bigger house.

  2. I’ve been doing the work from home thing since november now, and I seem to manage pretty well. Just watch out to not “just finish this one thing” and take the whole evening to do that though. Since you don’t have to travel home, you might be inclined to do that. I have a wife that watches over that for me ;)

    And you have a Nabaztag! I’m jealous now.

    PS: For some reason your anti-spam measures block my comments if I fill in the URL of my website in the homepage field. If I leave it out, it works. Not sure what anti-spam measures you use, but my site is not a spam site as far as I know ;)

  3. LinuxJedi: thanks for the message of support :)

    Stefan: The nabaztag is fabulous, get one! I’ll look out for the “just one more thing” although my boyfriend works office hours too so I’ve always got a monster to feed at a given time :) I’ve emailed you about the spam thing, thanks for mentioning it.

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