Announcement: Editor-in-Chief of Ibuildings Techportal

A few weeks ago I got a call from my employers, Ibuildings, asking me how I felt about changing my role a bit and taking on some of the functions of our PCE (PHP Centre of Expertise). This area of the company does some super-cool stuff and so I said I’d be interested. Fast forward a bit and I’m on a call with Ivo Jansch (our CTO, who also oversees PCE) talking about what kind of things I could be involved in. I cannot describe the surprise I felt when he asked if I would take on the role of Editor-in-Chief at our developer portal site, techPortal … and of course I jumped at the chance.

I’ll be picking up a few other community-facing functions for Ibuildings but techPortal is the headline news, I’m super-excited to be entrusted with this project as our existing Editor-in-Chief, Cal Evans moves on from Ibuildings. Now the announcement has been made I guess its real … wish me luck :)

11 thoughts on “Announcement: Editor-in-Chief of Ibuildings Techportal

  1. I would wish you luck, but you hardly need it! I’m sure you will do a great job and will be an awesome “community chick” to follow up on Cal’s “community guy” work.

    way to go Lorna!

    • that’s “Community Gal” – a chick is a small fuzzy bird that grows into egg layer or dinner ;)

      Congratulations Lorna! You’re an inspiration for other women in the PHP community!

  2. Thanks to each and every one of you that popped in and commented on my post, and all those who tweeted or otherwise contacted me, I’m truly inspired by the support!

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